About Me


My name is Sawyer D. I am a Life Scout with BSA Troop 618 and a freshman at Tesoro High School. This project is important to me for a couple of reasons: I love reading, and am happy that I get to share my love of it with others. I also am of Native American decent, a member of the Choctaw Nation, and I am grateful my project will benefit the Native American community. 

All Tribes American Indian Charter School, located in Valley Center, California, was started in 2001 because the founders and administrators wanted to provide a supportive environment for American Indian students.  American Indian students statistically have higher drop out rates and suicide rates than other student demographics in the US. All Tribes is making huge impacts on the lives of their students. My book drive and book fair will help support their mission.

This project also engages my interest in reading. Studies show that having books in the home is the biggest predictor of academic success. This book drive will offer free books to the students at All Tribes so they will have plenty of great books to read over the summer and beyond.